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My-tti is Revolutionizing the Rideshare Industry.

We’re Revolutionizing the Rideshare Industry. ​​ Ridesharing is the new norm​​. In fact, there are more ridesharing drivers than traditional yellow taxi drivers. In fact, according to The Verge, All 13,000 taxis in New York City could be replaced by a fleet of 3,000 ride-sharing cars if used exclusively for carpooling. Undoubtedly, it will continue to be a common mode of transportation as a result of its ease of use and cost. But, for groups of niche riders, the major ridesharing companies can’t or won’t accommodate their special needs. This is exactly why we founded My-tti, a ridesharing service that addresses the needs of marginalized riders, such as people with disabilities or riders with pets.

The idea for our company came to fruition after I was dispatched as a chauffeur to a local VA hospital, where i came upon almost a dozen handicapped riders waiting for transportation. Since my vehicle wasn't wheelchair accessible, I was surprised to see that my rider was in a wheelchair. He explained that he requested a regular vehicle because it normally takes two to three hours to wait for a wheelchair accessible one. I helped him into my vehicle and we talked about the struggles for disabled riders in getting the transportation they need in a timely manner. I sympathized with his situation as my own sister lost her sight at the age of 37 and she, too, struggled to utilize ridesharing for transportation.

It’s that moment that myself and team of other professional, licensed chauffeurs realized that we could provide reliable and timely ridesharing services to those with special needs or our furry friends. It’s our collective goal to make ridesharing easy for those who have found it challenging in the past. And, that’s what we hope to accomplish - we don’t want wheelchair bound riders or those with any special need to wait for hours to simply get to their job or doctor appointment. Riders with special needs face challenges everyday and simply getting to their destination should not be one of them.

Our drivers are here to make your journey wherever you may be going easy and safe. In fact, our licensed professional chauffeurs undergo strict background checks as well as drug tests. We know the last thing riders want to worry about is whether they are in good hands. Whether it’s a company event, a doctor appointment or you’re simply taking your furry friend to a friend’s house for a doggy play date, we take you there in style whether you need a wheelchair-accessible van, a limo or taxi.

We’re excited to endeavor on this journey in the city of Chicago and every city that we operate in, we hope you’ll give us a try!

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