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My-tti is designed,built and owned by licensed professional chauffeurs.
My-tti's antic oldtimer fun vehicle
My-tti food delivery person making a pizza delivery.

I quickly got out of my Taxicab to help him, when I realized that I had to pick him up about 4 ft off the ground and into the passenger sit, he was paralyzed which made it pretty difficult. He weighed about 170 lb and felt like dead weight, I picked up his wheelchair and put it in the trunk of the car, and of we went as the trip started I struck up a conversation with him and he told me how he would have to wait an unreasonable amount of time 2 to 3 hours to be serviced, which was unacceptable to me because I had a sister who lost her sight at the age of 37.On further enquiry, I discovered that the wait time never exceeded 45 minutes until the advent of the Ridesharing companies got into the transportation industry and the wait time ballooned to 3 hr wait.     

BUSINESS MAN TRACKING My-tti limo on My-tti ride share app on smartphone for arrival.
Certified wheelchair service provider
My-tti's luxury suv

My-tti was designed, is and owned by Licensed, trained and insured Professional Chauffeurs.We offer a wide range of mobile technology- based ridesharing transportation and delivery services which include but not limited to personal and corporate ride and delivery services. My-tti also offers:

  • Pet transportation (Pet taxicab, Pet Limousine, Pet Rides hailing).

  • Taxicab hail (wheelchair accessible Taxicab or Taxi vans).

  • Luxury Limousine Hail (Sedan, Large SUV and Stretch Limousine).

  • My-tti Delivery (Food, Grocery, Dry cleaning and Package).

  • Special event services (Weddings, Proms, event planner portal).


Use My-tti every school day to and from school and for all your after school activities.
Professional Chauffeur License
My-tti stretch limousine

On further investigation, it turns out that none of the ridesharing companies offered wheelchair accessible rides or access for people with disability, which is against federal law for people with disability (ADA). So we the member of the community of "License Professional Chauffeurs" decided to fix the new problems exacerbated with the emergence of the gig economy which led to the rise of ridesharing transportation industry. Welcome MY TRANSPORTATION TECHNOLOGY INC (My-tti), is a traditional transportation network company with niches in the Pet transportation, wheelchair accessible Rides and our state of the art delivery services. My-tti's goal is to provide the best Ride-hailing and delivery services to you, your pets or goods and services.You and your furry friends deserve more than just a ride in a hired car. The My-tti team has a combined experience of about 300 years and our community of friendly Licensed Professional Chauffeur service partner with over 15,000 years of combined experience.

My-tti has leveraged over 300 yrs of experience in designing the best Ride-hailing app in the mobile technology transportation industry, by anticipating the needs of our riding community we are the first and only Pet-friendly ride-hailing app. We are also the first and only fully optimized, ride-hailing app for people with disability, by providing wheelchair accessible Ride services,(ADA COMPLIANT). Time is money,as the proverb goes , you don't need five rejections before you can get a ride for you and your furry friends.

Busy business executives need dependable service provider partners to deliver timely service that is why My-tti works diligently with Licensed Professional Chauffeurs who are Navigationally knowledgeable and Trained Service Partners to deliver a seamless service and always strive to go the extra mile. There aren't many more impressive or stylish ways to arrive for an important business meeting or social event with your pet than in one of our premium chauffeured vehicles.

Whatever your transportation needs, choose My-tti to get you, your pets to your destination safe and sound. All My-tti service Partners are Licensed Professional Chauffeurs and undergo strictest drug, medical and FBI criminal background checks, giving you the peace of mind of a safe, stress free ride. My-tti is the smartest and safest way to get around town. Check us out on KICKSTARTER.COM/My-tti, and you always pay through the app no need for cash.

We pride ourselves on providing bespoke solutions, designed for you and your everyday transportation needs. Whether you use My-tti services consistently or it's a one-off, for a special occasion, you will experience the highest level of service consistently. 


Whether it's on our Luxury limo platform, Taxicab platform or our Rideshare platform, your safety is paramount at My-tti.

My-tti taxicab


Hi, I'm My-tti

My-tti is revolutionizing the Rideshare transportation industry .

My-tti Grocery delivery person, about to make a home delivery of groceries.
Dogs are welcomed on My-tti

There is not one story or event that led to the creation of My-tti. There is probably a thousand reason for starting My-ttisince it was started by the community of Licensed Professional Chauffeurs, but there was one event which acted as a catalyst for the formation of My-tti.

 it all started one faithful summer day in 2013, when I got a dispatched request for service at the VA hospital in Chicago, IL. I was to drop the rider off at the Ogilvie Transportation Center in downtown Chicago to catch a train to the suburbs. On arriving at the VA hospital at 820 S Damen Ave, I was surprised at the number of people that needed a Taxicab,they promptly walked up to my taxicab and gave me their name hoping I was there to pick them up,and I saw the disappointment on their faces when their name did not match the name I had on my dispatch system. Most of the veterans either had a cane or a walker which put them in the disabled classification, after I had turned about 10 of them down, I see a veteran in a wheelchair coming out of the hospital, I did not pay him any attention, he made his way to my vehicle and told me he was my fare,I quickly let him know that my Toyota Highlander was not a wheelchair accessible vehicle and he replied that he knows that and that he requested a regular taxicab because he did not want to wait 2  to 3 hours for a wheelchair accessible vehicle. He also told me he would need my help getting into my Taxicab.

My-tti wheelchair and pets accessible taxicab.
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