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Tips for Traveling with Your Pooch


When you love your pooch, you LOVE your pooch!  That means you want to take your little baby everywhere you go.  Whether it is to lunch with a friend, the hair salon, the health club, or a night out on the town, where you go your pooch goes.  And if the place you’re going to doesn’t allow pets, then you’re not going.  The problem, however, is how your pet will come along to wherever you are going.  Taxi services and rideshare services do not cater to pet owners. Nor can you ride a bike with your baby in a bag.  So what are you to do?  That is where My-tti comes in.

PET TAXICAB,dog getting out of a My-tti taxicab at end of trip

My-tti is the only rideshare transportation app optimized for pet ride services. You can hail a ride in minutes for you and your pets. Ride on all our platforms (Taxicab,Limo,Rideshare),we are totally pet-friendly and never wonder if your driver will be willing to take your pooch, rest assured that anytime you need to take a trip with your pet My-tti will always be there for you and your best friend We also provide luxury limo service for you and your pooch to travel and arrive your destination in style.

Pets (dog and cat) waiting for My-tti's pets rideshare vehicle

As the premier ridesharing service for you and your pet, we know how important traveling with your pet can be.  That is why we wanted to share some tips on how to travel with your pooch in comfort and style.  After all, you are saving money with us since we cut out the middleman, so why not spoil your little lucky charm, right?


Bring a Drink


You don’t want your pet to get thirsty, so bring a drink for your little buddy to have when they are feeling parched.  Something in a water bottle where you can control the stream is ideal so that you don’t get your dog or your belongings soaking wet

Bring a Towel


Nothing can be more frustrating when your pooch drools or sheds all over you, especially if you have that new dress or suit on.  Bring a towel to let your pooch sit on, wipe their mouth with, or catch any falling hair.  Plus, a towel may help your little guy or gal not slide all over the place during the ride.


Bring a Treat


Some dogs just love a good car ride.  They want to stick their head out the window and take it all in!  Other dogs get a little antsy or too excited over all the stimulation in the air.  Bring a small bag of treats so that your dog has a reward for behaving well or in case they get hungry.  They are good little boys and girls, after all. 


Now that you have some tips on traveling with your pooch, you can relax and book your ride with confidence.  Fill out our online form to get going and ride to your next location with your pooch in tow.

Pet cat Bubbles about to take a Luxury Limousine ride on My-ttis pet ride-hailing platform and these 3 guys below are waiting on their My-tti pet taxicab to show up for their regular trip to the pet shop and veterinary clinic and don't look too pleased with the vet part of the trip.

My-tti has a no pooch left behind policy, We have an open door policy for Pets.

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