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Top 10 Reasons to Use My-tti

Ridesharing: Top 10 Reasons Why One Size (like Uber or Lyft) Doesn’t Fit All. 

We gladly help people with special needs.  We are the first and only wheelchair optimized ride-hailing app that is ADA compliant. Let’s say you’re being a smart, responsible person and decide that you’re heading to your friend’s house to watch the Bachelor and have a little wine, which you know turns into more wine.  So, you want to take your pooch but you can’t check with Uber ahead of time that the driver will allow dogs until you set a pick up and message them and then cancel, which results in a charge. And, your best friend that’s in a wheelchair wants to tag along, so both situations are a no go with other rideshare companies.  However, both of these are non issues when you hail a ride with the My-tti My-tti rideshare app.  We have numerous drivers with wheelchair lifts and pets are always welcome!

The cost is predictable.  When the holidays hit and everyone’s out, like St. Patrick’s Day or Halloween, we don’t have surge pricing.  I’ve actually been stuck out in the rain on Halloween due to everyone trying to leave at one time and 4 times the normal cost for me to get home.  With My-tti, the price is always the same.  Trips cost the same no matter the day or time. There is no surge pricing, ever!  Our trip estimator helps you determine how much your ride will cost so you always know what to budget for your trip.

We allow pets.  In fact, we love them just as much as you do. Who doesn’t want to take their furry friend with them everywhere they do? We do.  Like we said, we love pets and of all sizes, shapes, etc...cats, dogs and fish, too!

It’s safer.  Our drivers go through more rigorous screenings than the major competitors.  In fact, we review not only the driving record of all our drivers, but we also perform a complete background check to ensure the safety of all our customers.  

We care.  We’re not just your driver, we’re a friend.  We really do care that you get to your destination on time.  Need to stop and run and errand?  Let’s say you need to stop and pick something up from a non-wheelchair accessible store.  We’ll run in for you!  We really don’t mind.

We have a variety of vehicles available: vans, limo or taxi.  Whether you’re on a budget or you need to arrive in style, we can help in both scenarios.

We aren’t a massive technology company, we’re simply a group of professional chauffeurs that want to make sure that ridesharing is accessible and easy for everyone.  We hope to revolutionize the ridesharing industry!

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